IMG 4770My artistic interests started with photography back in the days of film around 1995. My degree is Mechanical Engineering but I had always worked in software engineering so when digital photography began to be accessible for us common folk, the switch to digital was a natural path for me.  I spent years developing my skills in the digital darkroom via Photoshop.  What I learned there allowed me to switch careers around 2008 to become a graphic designer for both print and digital media as well as a web developer and programmer. 

Though I continue to enjoy photography and graphic design, I began to desire creating things beyond just what is seen on screen so I embarked on a journey experimenting with traditional visual arts. First in graphite and slowly over the years, I have gained skills in acrylic, watercolor and most recently encaustics.  I love combining the technical with the artistic in both process and in the artistic expression itself.

Most of all, I just like to have fun being creative and making a mess.  I believe creativity is in us all and is a natural expression of our beautiful God who made us in His image.


Jen Fraser lives and works in Asheville, NC.

With both a background in engineering and decades of creative expression through various mediums, I bring technical depth to the creative process giving a richness to passionate, artistic expression.

I look forward to connecting with you.

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